Third review of Window of Creative Competition (WoCC) for Television


The Window of Creative Competition (WoCC) for Television is that part of BBC network television commissioning that falls outside the 25% statutory independent production quota and the 50% in-house production guarantee that is set in the BBC’s Charter and Agreement.

The WoCC aims to provide a commissioning process that is open to both independent and in-house producers to compete on equal terms, with commissioners free to choose the best programme ideas.

The BBC Trust is required to review the operation of the WoCC at least every two years. This is the third such review since the WoCC came fully into effect in April 2007.

Specifically, the Trust must review clauses 54, 55 and 56 of the BBC Agreement. Clause 54 refers to the WoCC, clause 55 concerns competitive opportunities for the production of non-network programmes, and clause 56 concerns the arrangements through which a proportion of programmes must be reserved for in house production (known as the in-house guarantee).

You can read more detail about the scope and terms of reference for the review here.

Why We Are Consulting

As part of the Trust's review of the WoCC for Television, we are inviting interested parties to respond to a set of targeted consultation questions designed to provide the Trust with perspectives on the operation of the WoCC from those involved in the process. We are particularly keen to seek views from both BBC in-house production and independent production companies.

Although we would prefer you to respond using the set of questions online, you may wish to submit your views directly via email to

Audio and Braille versions of the consultation document are available upon request by calling BBC Information on 08700 100 222 or Textphone: 08700 100 212.

This consultation is being run by Delib on behalf of the BBC Trust. Any personal data you provide will be processed by Delib in line with the BBC’s instructions. If you submit information via a webform, Delib will set some cookies on your computer. You can find out more about these cookies at:

What Happens Next

The consultation for the Trust's review of the WoCC for Television is now closed.

The responses collected via our online consultation, and those submitted by email, will help guide the Trust's conclusions which will be set out in a published report.

We will treat all responses confidentally. We will not publish individual responses or personal submissions via email, however, we will publish anonymised data in the interests of transparency.

We will publish responses submitted by organisations via email unless we have been asked not to do so (please note: the Trust may need to publish responses in order to meet legal obligations, including those marked confidential).

We aim to complete our review and publish our conclusions during 2012/13.


Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 20 Sep 2012 to 7 Nov 2012

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