S4C Operating Agreement


The BBC Trust and the S4C Authority have developed a draft Operating Agreement for the new funding and accountability arrangements that will be put in place for funding the S4C Authority’s services from April 2013.

The Operating Agreement will be the main document that governs the accountability and funding relationship between the BBC Trust and the S4C Authority. The Operating Agreement is based on the principles agreed between the BBC Trust and the S4C Authority in October 2011.  The agreement will also ensure the editorial and managerial independence of the S4C service.

We are inviting stakeholders to submit their views on the draft Operating Agreement so that the BBC Trust and the S4C Authority can take these views into account when considering if they should approve the Operating Agreement in its final form in readiness for the new accountability and funding arrangements that will become operational in April 2013.

This consultation is being run over a 10 week period from 10 August 2012 until 23 October 2012.

The consultation questions and the draft Operating Agreement can be downloaded at the links below.

The easiest way to take part is to email S4Coperatingagreement@bbc.co.uk

Or you can respond by post to:

S4C Operating Agreement Consultation

BBC Trust

Room E5108

Broadcasting House




Audio and Braille versions of the draft Operating Agreement and consultation documents are available upon request by calling the BBC Trust on 029 20322004.

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Key Dates

Consultation is Closed

Ran from 10 Aug 2012 to 23 Oct 2012

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